About Us

Started as a Research organisation by two budding engineers who were enthusiastic in bringing their Dreams and Innovations into reality ;                                            Sphere Tech Innovations has evolved into a full scale business set up officially launching on Oct 15, 2017. Our extensive research on Electric Thrusters and 3D printing machines have lead to the launch of our brand "Globe3D" - introducing our flagship range of 3D printers  and CNC machines. 

Our brand symbolises cutting edge and cost effective technology . However, what sets us apart is  to make this technology easy to use through our product design and engineering .This goes on to prove our product is one of the most easy to assemble on the market today .We bring your dreams from space into a three dimensional reality .This is done by transforming your ideas into our visual-interactive medium . You can see, touch and feel your product. We believe our product in your hands can help you in unlocking and nurturing new business ideas even in the comfort of your homes . 

 Our enterprise supports in training educational institutions such as IITDM Kurnool and several top engineering colleges and providing the necessary infrastructure to aid in research and development among the brightest minds in our society .Besides education institutions are clientele also includes manufacturing and service sectors where we provide 3D printing , PCB prototyping and fabrication services . We are the sole Distributors for the high selling filament Soildspace in India and Reseller for Robu.in